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About Journal

Madridge Journal of Dermatology & Research (MJDR) concerned with skin disorders and the reconstruction or replacement of deformed, damaged, or lost parts of the body. It constantly adapting itself to meet the changing medical challenges of society.

Madridge Journal of Dermatology & Research is a peer review online journal that can be accessed globally via electronic transmission in a prompt manner by academic researchers, institutions, and libraries thus making the research and study easier.

The Journal holds a good editorial board involving experts from related relevant backgrounds having sound experience and expertise thus providing a reputed name to the journal as well as support and assistance. Madridge Journal of Dermatology & Research aims to present easy access to the scientific knowledge related to dermatological studies.


 Skin biology

 Plastic and Reconstruction surgery

 Mohs surgery

 Herbal dermatology

 Photo and dermatotherapy


 Skin Cancers

 Dermatological and Congenital skin diseases

 Immuno dermatology


 Clinical & experimental dermatology research

 Dermatology and venereology

 Skin allergies and infection

 Surgical and Laser Dermatology

Recent Publications

The Bork-Baykal Phenomenon - Clinical Image
Author(s): Safae Zinoune, Hannane Baybay, Cheymae Saadani Hassani, Sara Elloudi and Fatima-Zahra Mernissi
Atypical Case of Hypertrophic Lichen Planus recognized by Dermoscopy - Case Report
Author(s): Safae Zinoune, Hanane Baybay, Nawal Hammas, Mohammed Chaouche, I Gouzi, Sara Elloudi and Fatima Zahra Mernissi
Treatment of Leprosy with Ofloxacin - containing Combined Drug Regimens in Vietnam - Research Article
Author(s): Tran Hau Khang, Vijaykamar Panikar, Pham Hong Lanh, Truong Tan Minh and Phan Hong Hai
Vitiligo and Alopecia Areata: Association in a Young Man - Clinical Image
Author(s): Asmae Rasso, Ziani J, Bennnani M, Hannane Baybay, Sara Elloudi and Fatima-Zahra Mernissi
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