Madridge Journal of Dermatology & Research

ISSN: 2639-0353


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The Bork-Baykal Phenomenon

Published On: March 5, 2019 | Pages: 88 - 89

Author(s): Safae Zinoune, Hannane Baybay, Cheymae Saadani Hassani, Sara Elloudi and Fatima-Zahra Mernissi

Atypical Case of Hypertrophic Lichen Planus recognized by Dermoscopy

Published On: April 5, 2019 | Pages: 90 - 93

Author(s): Safae Zinoune, Hanane Baybay, Nawal Hammas, Mohammed Chaouche, I Gouzi, Sara Elloudi and Fatima Zahra Mernissi

Treatment of Leprosy with Ofloxacin - containing Combined Drug Regimens in Vietnam

Published On: May 20, 2019 | Pages: 96-99

Author(s): Tran Hau Khang, Vijaykamar Panikar, Pham Hong Lanh, Truong Tan Minh and Phan Hong Hai