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Saeed Taheri

Saeed Taheri

  • Published Article(s): Response to Epigenetic treatment in Gastric Cancer Cells: a Mini Review - Review Article In vitro Evidence on Associations between MicroRNAs and Response to Therapy in Gastric Cancer: Report from the Encyclopedia Amlashica Systematic Reviews - Review Article
  • Journal Name: Journal of Cancer Study & Research
  • Author Name: Saeed Taheri
  • Designation: Lecturer
  • University: The New Lahijan Scientific Foundation
  • Country: Iran
  • Biography: Dr. Saeed Taheri was born in 1979 in Lahijan, North Iran. He took his medical doctorate from the SB University in Tehran in 2005.He had some limited research activities during the Med School, but after graduation, it got boosted, & soon after a short course of success, he had been targeted by some mafia groups with a broad range of actions from hostage act to drug traffic with the intention of taking thorough control over scientific, political, financial and any other worthy issue in the society and the miserable contribution of the world to this conduct supporting them with the best of their resources to accommodate the network members worldwide; and all the above-mentioned have been totally freezing his scientific and personal life for over a decade and there had been just very limited exceptions to the mentioned conduct with the MJCSR one of them. My activities have recently been directed at research in Medical Genetics &the first of my research on Genetics having been published in the MJCSR.
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