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We publish journals with a view to serve various purposes which include but not limited to just peer review, broad distribution, branding and authority, portability and creation of the archive of a body of literature....

Membership Program

Madridge Publishers membership program enables the opportunity for all the individuals, academics, research institutions, and societies to support open access without any financial barriers. This program engages scientists from resource-constrained areas by providing membership and full access to all online Madridge journals at no cost.

Madridge Publishers member authors enjoy discounts/waivers on article processing charges (APCs), supplemental material fees, and reprint fees. Members can also avail special discounts on the Madridge International Conferences and can conduct free workshops.

Membership is now available for the scientific societies/corporate companies/ universities/ institutes/individuals/students.

  • Individual Membership - for scientists, researchers, educators & industry professionals
  • Institutional Membership - for universities, research/educational institutes, societies & associations
  • Corporate Membership - for industries & companies

How to Apply:

You need to provide the following information to complete your membership application process:

  • Name & email address
  • Academic history
  • Work experience
  • Curriculum vitae

How do I order, change or renew a membership?

Please click on the link and fill in all your details and write down your queries:

Our Editorial team will contact you regarding the membership within 24hrs of your submission.

For more details, payment methods and queries, you can also email us at:

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