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Madridge Journal of AIDS (MJA) is the journal that deals with the spectrum of conditions caused by infection with human immunodeficiency virus. The peculiar virus that affects the human body and later transformed into AIDS showing late symptoms of HIV.

MJA is an online clinical research journal sustaining best-suited journals in E-journal domain. This results in easy and prompt reachability of the published articles across the globe thus attaining fast growth as accomplished journal serving the scientific community. This will be very helpful for research activities, mostly for students and young scientists to continue their research journey.

MJA creates a better platform to share your knowledge by publishing your article in our journal, which is going to be reviewed by the best editorial board. The Journal accepts various formats of literary works such as Research articles, Case reports, Review, Commentary and Short Communications etc.


 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

 Mental health aspects of HIV/AIDS

 AIDS Epidemiology

 Innovative HIV drugs

 Drug Resistance of HIV

 AIDS Vaccines

 Antiretroviral Therapy

 Advances in HIV Treatment and Prevention

 HIV Screening and Medical Care

 HIV Diagnosis

 HIV Vaccines

 Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System (eHARS)

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