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Adolfo Antonio Gutierrez

Adolfo Antonio Gutierrez

  • Published Article(s): Sinestral Rotation And Nnw Shortening Of The Ambato Block Induced By Cenozoic Ne To E-W Transpression, Sierras Pampeanas Of Argentina - Research Article
  • Journal Name: Journal of Earth Science and Geology
  • Author Name: Adolfo Antonio Gutierrez
  • Designation: Professor
  • University: National University of Tucuman
  • Country: Argentina
  • Biography: He obtained the title of Dr in Geology at the National University of Tucumán, Argentina (2009); the title of Magister in Economic Geology at Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile (2000); the diploma of Specialist in Interpretation of Remote Sensing Images in the Geographical Institute Agustín Codazzi, Colombia (1992) and the title of Geologist in the National University of Tucumán, Argentina (1990). Full Professor, full time, at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and IML of the National University of Tucumán. Lecturer at the institution since 1991. He taught courses and lectures related to Economic Geology, Mineral Prospecting, Cartography, Geotectonics, Photointerpretation, Geochemistry. He is director of the doctorate in Natural Risks and Field Geological Studies (National University of Tucumán, Argentina and University of Potsdam, Germany). He was director of research projects related to tectonics, megageomorphology, mineral deposits, geochemistry of primary and secondary environments and impact structures, among others. Publications in journals and congresses have 41, of which 22 are of their authorship. Two books published on geochemistry. A book published on tectonic. Two chapters of book published in the Book of Geology of Tucumán. One chapter of the book published in XX Argentine geological congress. A book published abaut of geologic - archaeological tourism. He is internationally related with the Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (Colombia), Universidad Católica del Norte (Chile), University of Padova (Italy), University of Potsdam (Germany). In the private sector he participated as Consultant in several projects financed by Minera Alumbrera Ltd., PROSAP-IICA-World Bank, Pluspetrol Energy SA, José Cartellone Construcciones Civiles SA, COMS SA, Arcor SAIC, Constructora Sudamericana, United Paolini & Chediack (UTE), Asea Brown
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