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International Journal of Earth Science and Geology (IJEG) relates to the study of Earth and Geology. Earth Science deals with the research interest area of Earth and its neighbors in space which relates to the study of Subsurface and the Earth Science System i.e. The Hydrologic Cycle. 
IJEG is a specialized, peer-reviewed and Open Access Journal which publishes all the latest and the current researches based upon Earth Science, Planetary Science, Physical Geography, Geophysics and Geodesy, Soil Science, Ecology, Hydrology, Glaciology, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Earth Science study is further being differentiated in four areas: Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography and Astronomy which deals with the detailed study in the field of Materiology; Atmosphere; Oceans and the Universe. Geology deals with the study of Earth Materials, Earth Surfaces and the Earth Processes and the sub-disciplines of Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry, etc.

International Journal of Earth Science and Geology (IJEG) initiates all the current research and the upcoming or future prospective of research in the field of Earth Science and Geology. This journal does not focus onto a particular area of research interest as Earth Science and Geology is a vast field of research which covers all the areas and here, we desire to bring all the eminent and prominent scientist, authors and editors research work into the knowledge of all the audience all over the world.
The Journal accepts all the types of articles i.e. Research Article, Review Article, Mini-Review Article, Clinical and Medical Images, Short Communication, Case Report, and Opinion Article.


 Atmospheric Science

 Paleontology and Sedimentology

 Mineralogy & Petrology

 Economic Geology and Structural Geology


 Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System

 Earth System and Environmental Science


 Geology and Geodesy

 Geochemistry and Geophysics

 Hydrogeology and Oceanography

 Global Warming and Climate Change

 Soil Science

 Geoinformatics and Geomechanics

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