Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis

ISSN: 2641-5267


Evaluation of Serum Osteopontin as a Novel Biomarker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian patients

Published On: November 08, 2017 | Pages: 1 - 7

Author(s): Ahmed Osama Negm, AbdElhaleem SM, Attia TE and Abd-Elbar ES

Polymorphism of 8-Oxoguanine DNA N-Glycosylase 1 Gene in Egyptian patients with Larynx Cancer

Published On: November 16, 2017 | Pages: 8 - 11

Author(s): Amal Helmy Abd Elhameed, Tawfik HA, Ibrahim WS and El-Kabbany SM

Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition enhances the Chemosensitivity of Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells to JQ1

Published On: December 12, 2017 | Pages: 12 - 20

Author(s): Yuan You and Michael J Rossi