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Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis (MJO) internationally covers studies in Oncogenesis involving a wide range of areas in clinical and research oncology including molecular oncology, molecular biology, cell biology, cancer biology, oncobiopathology, oncopathogenesis, and evolution of cancer, cancer etiology, tumor genetics, oncotherapy and others. It holds monetary involvement and in turn provides more acceptance and recognition to the research. 
Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis is peer-reviewed scholarly open access journal providing the reader with unrestricted online access and free web access to the full textual scientific literature, and publishes papers to improve practices and potential applications of knowledge and notions in Oncogenesis and its related fields. The Journal is using quality and standard peer review process for its publications. 
The Journal publishes articles related to clinical and research practice and exploration in molecular and clinical oncology involving original articles, case reports, factual studies, clinical trials, epidemiology, health services and conclusion studies, and also covers advances in translational and basic research. 
Being not limited to particular areas of research, we, as the Madridge Journal of Oncogenesis, aim to bring the latest research studies and advances to the widest international audience in Oncology.


 Oncogenesis (or)carcinogenesis

 Oncotherapy and cell-targeted therapies

 Oncology and cancer diseases

 DNA & mutations and kinases

 Cell Signaling and transduction


 Tumor suppression

 Cancer genomics and metabolism

 Extracellular matrix and growth factors


 Molecular and cell biology

 Tumor cell host and microbe in oncology

 Cellular oncogenes

 Neoplasia and tumor biology

 Radiation oncology

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