International Journal of Obesity and Nutritional Science

ISSN: 2690-4780

Reviewer Guidelines

Manuscript is assigned to an editor, who in turn chooses one or more editorial board members or reviewers to review it. Reviewing a manuscript written by a scientist is a privilege which is an interesting, enjoyable and exciting educational experience. Editors and authors will appreciate your time, work and dedication for supporting the scientific world.

  • Reviewer should determine the research work whether the subject is within the scope of the journal and is within the expertise or not. Also they should intimate their availability to review that manuscript in bounded time.
  • Reviewers can intimate their acceptance/rejection of the invitation. You can also suggest any of your colleagues or known researchers to review the manuscript so that the concerned editor will invite the person to review the manuscript and you should not transfer your solicitation.

Reviewer should have a look at appropriate portions of the research paper and verify that it fits within the scope of the journal.

The reviewer should contact the editor if there is any conflict of time & interest, based upon that the respective reviewer can either extend or decline to review the assignment.

In case the reviewer finds the manuscript does not fit to the scope of the journal, reviewer should intimate the editor.

Reviewers are not entertained to discuss about the paper with respective author(s).

We hereby request to the reviewers not to share any information regarding the manuscript for their own purpose and to protect it from any sort of violation.

Offensive remarks are strictly not acceptable and criticism should be presented dispassionately.

Remarks are to be done confidentially and can advise/suggest for acceptance, rejection or modification of the manuscript to the editor.

The final decision regarding the acceptance, rejection or modification entirely depends on the editor.

You may not save the copy of your review and can submit it to the editor directly who is the ultimate decision maker.