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William Oakley

William Oakley

  • Published Article(s): A Review of Inconsistences and Unfounded Assumptions in Physics Enables A Path Forward - Review Article
  • Journal Name: Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Author Name: William Oakley
  • Designation: Retired Scientist
  • University:
  • Country: USA
  • Biography: On graduating from the University of London. UK, (Sc. Physics (Honors)), he moved to the US to pursue graduate studies and work on the Apollo moon landing program. He then worked for several east coast Companies on leading-edge DoD programs including night vision cameras, laser displays, and advanced optical data recording systems for sonar and airborne applications. Moving to California he managed a team developing intelligence gathering and radar warning/processing equipment before becoming General Manager/V.P. Technical Operations of a company developing a 64 bit, 1000 MOPs Optical Super-Computer based on a systolic multi-processor architecture, for block organized matrix operations, Eigenvalue decomposition, matrix multiplication/inversion, and efficient FFT computations. As the International R&D manager of an Australian Company in Perth, WA he developed office automation equipment for integration into Banking and Government systems before returning to the US and formed a Venture Capital supported company, LOTS, and developed a cartridge-based archival (100 year) laser optical tape data recorder, 1TB, 100MB/sec. He also started a DoD funded company, NS3, developing Carbon Nano Tube technology for microchip-based e-beam rewritable nanoscale data storage for space-based applications. He holds twelve patents and has six papers published in Physics Journals. Now retired he lives in Santa Barbara, CA.
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