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Tatjana Van Strien

Tatjana Van Strien

  • Published Article(s): Does Repeated Testing Improve the Validity of Self-Reported Emotional Eating through a Process of Meaning Making? - Research Article
  • Journal Name: Journal of Obesity and Nutritional Science
  • Author Name: Tatjana Van Strien
  • Designation: Professor
  • University: Radboud University
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Biography: Dr. Tatjana van Strien investigates the psychological factors of lines and overeating. She wrote a number of books about weight loss, including in 2007 Tailor-made Weight Loss. A method with lasting results and in 2004 De Afslankmythe. Why losing weight often fails. Her first success, the Dutch Questionnaire for Eating Behavior (NVE, 1986), has been quoted more than 1400 times in the Web of Science and has been published in various languages, including Greek, Persian and Chinese. In 2015 a new version of the NVE appeared as well as a child and parent version of this questionnaire. Together with Psychologie Magazine, Van Strien developed the internet training Denk je Slim.
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