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Jayne C Garno

Jayne C Garno

  • Published Article(s): Approaches for Sample Characterization and Lithography with Nanoparticles using Modes of Scanning Probe Microscopy - Review Article
  • Journal Name: Journal of Analytical Sciences and Instrumentation
  • Author Name: Jayne C Garno
  • Designation: Professor
  • University: Louisiana State University
  • Country: Louisiana
  • Biography: Professor Jayne Garno joined the department of Chemistry at Louisiana State University in 2004. Her research program at LSU encompasses studies with imaging, lithography and measurement modes of scanning probe microscopy applied to molecular-level investigations of chemical reactions on surfaces. She has authored 90 research articles and 9 book chapters describing fundamental research based on scanning probe microscopy. Garno began her chemistry career working evenings as a bench chemist at General Motors for 10 years, and attended university classes during the day as a part-time student. She earned a PhD in Chemistry from Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan. Her background includes postdoctoral training in the Surface and Microanalysis Division of NIST (Gaithersburg, MD), sponsored by an NRC fellowship. The article entitled “Approaches for Sample Characterization and Lithography with Nanoparticles using Modes of Scanning Probe Microscopy” was the outcome of an innovative homework assignment for a graduate seminar course in Surface Science. Instead of a term paper, Garno challenged her students to complete literature research and to compose specific sections of a review article.
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