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Andrew Hague

Andrew Hague

  • Published Article(s): Doctors Should be Paid More - Research Article
  • Journal Name: Journal of Internal and Emergency Medicine
  • Author Name: Andrew Hague
  • Designation: Professor
  • University: Mother Theresa Post Graduate and Research Institute of Health Sciences,
  • Country: India
  • Biography: Andrew Hague’s interest in the technology that was to become CellSonic began in 1987 with the first lithotripter in Britain. Using his own capital, he developed the CellSonic VIPP machines and sold them around the world. In 2016, Professor Hague devised the protocol for curing cancer and this is now used in CellSonic Clinics in India, Peru, Switzerland and Poland. Many more are planned. There are no side effects, drugs must not be used and the cancer is stopped within three days. CellSonic VIPP has been used for physiotherapy and sports medicine for twenty years. Where the patient also had cut skin the cure for non-healing wounds was discovered and that led to repairing nerves and pain release. Professor Hague is the owner of CellSonic Limited and advises the Universities of Bradford in England and Hyderabad in India.
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