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Madridge Journal of Veterinary Medicine & Research (MJVMR) is the open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes the original research articles along with review articles, case reports in all the related fields of veterinary medicine and research.

MJVMR mainly deals with the prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of disorders, diseases or any kind of injuries in animals and birds. It discusses veterinary etiology, pathology, biologics, and microbiology along with the animal sciences which helps in the further research study of veterinary medicines.

Madridge Journal’s main objective is to provide a platform for all the scientist and researchers in all over the world to promote, share and provide their innovative ideas and developments in all the aspects of veterinary medicine and research.

MJVMR creates a better platform for publishing your articles in our journal which is going to be reviewed by the best editorial board. This journal accepts various literary works such as research articles; review; case reports, and short communications, etc.


 Animal Embryology

 Wildlife Studies

 Preventive Veterinary Medicine

 Veterinary Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene

 Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

 Veterinary Immunology

 Veterinary Epidemiology

 Veterinary Research and Development

 Animal Husbandry and Production

 Animal Psychology and Behaviour

 Animal Pathology and Virology

 Animal Breeding and Reproduction

 Animal Genetics and Nutrition

 Livestock Parasitology

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