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International Journal of Translational Medicine (IJTM) is an international, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles in all the aspects related to the translation medicine. This journal encompasses all preclinical medical research that leads to human clinical studies.

IJTM journal is a peer-reviewed, provides a reliable source for current information on the latest advancements of the translational medicine field. We are dedicated to providing all the information regarding fundamental discoveries in the preclinical sciences for improvements in human health.

IJTM publishes the articles throughout the global community, accepts all type of articles like research articles, opinion articles, case reports, short communications, review articles etc., with a minimal processing fee.


 Biomedical Sciences

 Regenerative medicine

 Tissue Engineering & Biomaterials

 Biomedical Engineering

 Biomedical Research

 Translational Research Informatics




 Accuracy of epidemiologic studies

 Precision medicine and genomic medicine

 Neuronal, Pulmonary Function

 Degenerative Diseases and Immune Function

 Cellular and Gene Therapy

 Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

 Stem Cell Therapy

 Public health policy implications of translational studies

 Gastrointestinal and Vascular Targets and Metabolic Function

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