Madridge Journal of Molecular Biology


Can We Combat Reward Deficiency Behaviors (RDS) including Substance Use Disorder (SUD) through Genetic Risk Screening coupled with Precision Pro-Dopamine Regulation by Algorithmic matched Polymorphic Allelic Risks

Published On: February 22, 2019 | Pages: 1 - 3

Author(s): Kenneth Blum, David Baron, Mary Hauser, Rajendra D Badgaiyan, B William Downs, David Siwicki and Marjorie C Gondré–Lewis.

Using of Cytoscape Build Large Scale interface Bionetwork and Analysis Topological Distinctiveness of PPIs of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37Rv

Published On: March 8, 2019 | Pages: 4 - 13

Author(s): Ved Kumar Mishra, Prashant Ankur Jain and Satyam Khanna.

Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus among HIV-Positive Patients attending PEPFAR Clinic at Maiduguri Specialist Hospital

Published On: October 15, 2019 | Pages: 23 - 25

Author(s): Muhammad Talle, Hadiza Samaila, Ibrahim M Hamidu, Ya Sheruram Shettima, Monilade Akinola, Oderinde BS and Musa Bamaiyi Joseph