Madridge Journal of Food Technology

ISSN: 2577-4182

2nd International Conference on Obesity and Weight Loss
October 15-17, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Correlation between Obesity (O), Nephrolithiasis (NL), Arterial Hypertension (AH): A Myth to Dispel

Giovanni Colucci1*, Enza Colucci1, F Robusto2, Pasquale Iacovazzo1, C De Siati1, Maria Enrico Pellegrini1, M Zamparella1, Giuseppe Pulito3 and Luigi Amati4

1ALS Taranto, Italy
2ASL Savonese, Italy
3ASL Brindisi, Italy
4National Institute for Gastroenterologic Disease, Italy

DOI: 10.18689/2577-4182.a2.017

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Background: Nephrolithiasis is a widespread disease: the prevalence is estimated to be 7-13% in North America, 5-9% in Europe, 1-5% in Asia. Obesity and Arterial Hypertension are associated with NL, with high acute and chronic morbidity.

Aim: Demonstration of: a) Correlation between O, AH, NL; b) Correlation between NL and high salt intake, fructose drinks, water intake.

Methods: This study has recruited a sample of 1086 adolescents (age: 15.6±24.6) of both sexes (M:478, F:598). All the patients have been examined as follows: BP, HR, BMI, WC, urinalysis (fresh sample), kidney ultrasound. The sample has been split in case (NL) (157: M 43.9%, average age: 17.75±0.88) control (354: M 45.8%, average age: 17.77±0.84), administering a survey: sport; daily water intake; high sodium, oxalates, urates, fructose foods.

Results: BMI: 22.8% >25 (Overweight/Obesity); WC: 10,2%, compatible with abdominal obesity; BP: 11.0% >140/90 [M: 3.98 (p< 0.0001; age: 1.028 (p=0.75); O: 1.859 (p< 0.05)], showing correlation with Obesity. Urinalysis: 11.4% albuminuria; 24.3% hematuria. Multivariate analysis has not shown correlation between NL, AH, O, tap or mineral water, sport, food (high-sodium, fructose, oxalates, urates). Correlation between NL and daily water intake <1 lt. Correlation between Obesity (7,4%) (case-control) and sugary snacks (OR: 1.19; IC:028-4.99), but not with sugary and carbonated drinks (OR: 3.16; IC: 055-18.27).

Conclusions: In adolescents NL is related to pathological alterations but not to glucose, lipid and protein metabolism. On the contrary, metabolism disorders are the main determinant of NL in adult population with increased cardiovascular risk. Primary prevention is therefore important: in Primary Care the adolescents should be encouraged to avoid the risk factors for the development of these diseases with a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1984, Dr. Giovanni Colucci carries out the activities of General Practitioner in Martina Franca, and since 2001 operates in association Medica network with nine other colleagues. Animator Training in General Practice since 1998 Physician General Tutor since 1998 Researcher SIMG Network for Pharmacovigilance active Farma Search 2002. Co-author of the guidelines SIO (Italian Society of Obesity) Apulia. Collaborated in the research activities, updating and training carried out by the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Epidemiology at the Mario Negri Sud Consortium in the area of General Medicine (2007/13). Founder / coordinator of the “Supplementary Training Project for the Degree Course in Nursing Students Training Centre IRCCS Castellana Grotte”. Course Tutoring students at the family doctor (Martina Franca). Co-author of the guidelines SIO (Italian Society of Obesity) Apulia: Guide lines for physical activity aimed at the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity in adulthood. Author and coadjutor of 103 publications on national journals, conference proceedings, a popular science brochures and compact disc (C. D.)