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International Dermatology, Cosmetology and Skin Care Conference

January 19, 2021, Virtual Conference
Keynote Session Abstracts

Energies Alterations and Chakras Energies Deficiencies as One of the Causes of Psoriasis

Huang Wei Ling

Medical Acupuncture and Pain Management Clinic, Brazil

Introduction: Psoriasis is an inflammatory and proliferative condition of the skin characterized by plaques covered by silvery scales mainly in the exterior surfaces, lumbar region and scalp. In traditional Chinese medicine, psoriasis is caused by the internal Heat generating a Fire, caused by emotional factors leading to a blocked in the Qi movement. This Fire can enter the Blood circulation or stagnate due to improper diet or due to exogenous Fire.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that patients with psoriasis symptoms have energies alterations and chakras energies deficiencies and the balance of this internal energies using Chinese dietary counseling, auricular acupuncture associating with apex ear bloodletting and replenishing the chakras energies meridians are important tools to treat this kind of patients.

Methods: Two cases report of patients with history of psoriasis symptoms during years using topical medications and other treatments without any success. They both began the treatment using Chinese dietary counseling avoiding dairy products, raw foods, sweets, cold water and also, fried foods, chocolate, honey, coconut, alcoholic beverages, melted cheese. The radiesthesia procedure were done and reveled that all chakras energies were in the lowest level of energy, rated in one out of eight and the treatment replenishing the chakras ´energies meridians using highly diluted medications according to the theory created by the author entitled Constitutional homeopathy of the Five elements based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Results: Both patients improved very fast using these kind of treatment and never need to use anymore of topical corticosteroids medications in the local.

Conclusion: To treat psoriasis symptoms, it is necessary to study the energies alterations in the chakras energies meridians and the treatment need to use highly diluted medications instead of highly concentrated medications to replenish the chakras energies and prevent the formation of more internal Heat that could induce more inflammatory process in this kind of patients.

Huang Wei Ling, born in Taiwan, raised and graduated in medicine in Brazil, specialist in infectious and parasitic diseases, a General Practitioner and Parenteral and Enteral Medical Nutrition Therapist. Once in charge of the Hospital Infection Control Service of the City of Franca’s General Hospital, she was responsible for the control of all prescribed antimicrobial medication and received an award for the best paper presented at the Brazilian Hospital Infection Control Congress in 1998. Since 1997, she has been presenting her work worldwide, working with the approach and treatment of all diseases of all systems of the human body in a holistic way, with treatment guided through the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hippocrates.