International Journal of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics

ISSN: 2641-886X


After all: What is the Physical meaning of Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

Published On: May 13, 2019 | Pages: 77 - 80

Author(s): Adalberto Da Costa Dias

Nonlinear Propagation of Dust-Ion-Acoustic Shock Waves in a Degenerate Multi-Species Plasma

Published On: May 20, 2019 | Pages: 81 - 87

Author(s): Promi Halder, K. N. Mukta and A. A. Mamun

A Pure Quantum Universe as an Alternative to Inflation

Published On: June 26, 2019 | Pages: 88 - 93

Author(s): Alexey V Melkikh