Madridge Journal of Clinical Research

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Madridge Journal of Clinical Research (MJCR) is a comprehensive, peer reviewed journal consecrated to Clinical Research. MJCR, published by Madridge is an Open Access journal that includes high quality papers, which covers all major areas of clinical research.

Madridge Journal of Clinical research is an online clinical research journal sustaining best suited journals in E-journal domain. This results in easy and prompt reachability of the published articles across the globe thus attaining fast growth as accomplished journal serving the scientific community.

MJCR is a scholarly journal that can be accessed globally via electronic transmission in a prompt manner by academic researchers, institutions and libraries thus making the research and study easier. The Journal accepts various formats of literary works such as Research articles, Case reports, Review, Commentary and Short Communications etc.

  • Clinical research

    Medical ethics

    Health care sciences

    Pre-clinical studies

    Medical Research

    Clinical trials

    Drug research

    Biologic research

    Clinical studies

    eClinical research


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