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International Journal of Chemistry and Research (IJCR) prospects the scope of the chemical structure, chemical nature of the molecules and the reactions of the organic compounds.

IJCR is a specialized, peer-reviewed and Open Access Journal which publishes all the latest and the current researches based upon all areas in Chemistry including Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Molecular Chemistry, etc.

International Journal of Chemistry and Research initiates all the current research and the upcoming or future prospective of research in the field of Chemistry. This journal does not focuses onto a particular area of research interest as Chemistry is a vast field of research which covers all the areas and here, we desire to bring all the eminent and prominent scientist, authors and editors research work into the knowledge of all the audience all over the world.

The Journal accepts all the type of articles i.e. Research Article, Review Article, Mini-Review Article, Clinical and Medical Images, Short Communication, Case Report and Opinion Article.


 Pure and Applied Chemistry

 Clinical Chemistry

 Clinical research

 Environmental and Green Chemistry

 Polymers Science

 Surface Chemistry

 Biological and Physical Chemistry

 Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

 Medicinal and Clinical Chemistry

 Radio-Nuclear Chemistry


 Computational Chemistry

 Pharmaceutical Chemistry


 Agricultural Chemistry


 Analytical Chemistry

 Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry

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