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International Journal of Biochemistry & Pharmacology (IJBP) is an international peer reviewed open access journal that provides global aid for experimental and theoretical studies of interdisciplinary articles on Biochemistry and Pharmacology.

IJBP publishes information related to biochemistry such as biomolecules, biochemical organisms, biophysical chemistry, and molecular biology. It also gives the information about structure, function, and regulation of biologically active molecules; gene structure & expression; biochemical mechanisms and many more. This journal also gives information related to pharmacology and it deals with the drugs, safety and effectiveness of medications, analytical methodology, and interpretation. It directly involves a particular person. It also refers to the entire bibliography of a drug.

This journal supports and collaborates with the research in biochemistry and pharmacology. Journals on biochemistry and pharmacology are made available world-wide by various journals which publish the relative extensive research. The IJBP plays a crucial role in spreading the unique research on biochemistry and pharmacology. The Journal accepts various formats of literary works such as Research articles, Case reports, Review, Commentary and Short Communications etc.


 Biomolecular metabolism

 Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics

 Targeted drug delivery

 Dosage form design

 Pharmaceutical technology

 Industrial pharmacy

 Stability of drugs

 Pharmaco genetics


 Safety pharmacology



 Clinical pharmacology


 Pharmacological evaluation

 Chemical nature of organisms

 Plant and animal biochemistry



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