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Editor Name: Takaaki Musha

Designation: Director

University: Advanced Science-Technology Research Organization

Country: Japan


His research interests are very broad including biological information processing, digital signal processing for the underwater system, physics of superluminal phenomena, and advanced propulsion systems. Recently he works actively on the research of high performance computing in the brain and its application to the brain-computer interface. Especially he contributes in developing high performance sonar system at the Technical Research & Development Institute of the Ministry of Defense as a research scientist. He was also among a group of specialists at the Advanced Space Propulsion Investigation Committee (ASPIC) that was organized under the auspices of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences in 1994. The committee addressed all kinds of non-chemical space propulsion systems such as electric propulsion, laser propulsion, nuclear propulsion and solar sail in order to allow space exploration beyond Solar System and his investigation covers a field propulsion system predicted from the Einstein Theory of Gravity and a zero-point energy in a vacuum, and electro-gravitic effect. His mission at the committee was to make a research on the possibility of electro-gravitics for space propulsion, and he cooperated with the research group of the Honda R&D institute. Now he is also making a cooperation with Prof. Pinheiro of the Institute Suprio Techonico, Lisbon in Portgal for further research on electro-gravitic propulsion system from 2009. 

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