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Editor Name: Syed Faisal Haider

Designation: Associate Professor

University: King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University

Country: Saudi Arabia


Dr Syed Faisal Haider is currently working as Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine (COM), King Saud bin Abulaziz University (KSAU), Jeddah, Saudi Arab. While involved in research related to Gastroenterology for around 15 years, his area of interest covers mostly on the pathogenesis and treatment of 1) H. pylori associated disorders like peptic ulcer/ gastric cancer, 2) ulcerative colitis, 3) colon cancer and 4) food allergy. He has keen interest in the role of medicinal plants and spices in gastrointestinal disorders as a source of novel chemopreventive candidates. Research is further directed to identify potential chemical entities against H. pylori, mast cell degranulation and colon cancer. He published more than 45 papers with more than 800 citations, one international patent and has been awarded with best presentation and young investigator award in USA and Korea respectively.

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