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Sabrina Maria Rita Bonetto - Editor

Journal of Earth Science and Geology

Editor Name: Sabrina Maria Rita Bonetto

Designation: Researcher

University: University of Torino

Country: Italy


Graduated in Geological Science, sheearned a Phd in EnvironmentalGeoengineeringat the Politecnico of Torinowith a researchproject on geologicalconstrains, prospectionmethods and technical update ingypsumexploitation.

Since 2007 sheisresearcherin EngineeringGeologyatthe Department of Earth Science of the University of Torino. Between 2007 and 2014 shehasbeenteacher of“AppliedGeology”, “Geological and Technical Survey“, “Quarry and Environmental Recovery” and “Subsurfacegeologicalexplorationmethods” and since 2012 sheis professor of the courses of “Geological Field investigation” in the Master Degree of “AppliedGeological Science” at the University of Torino.Teacher of PhDcourses on “Rock Mass characterization” and “EngineeringGeologyapplication to Cultural Heritage”.

Sheis tutor of PhDstudents and of several Master coursestudents.


The mainresearchactivityconcernsrock mass characterization by means of contact and non-contactsurveymethods,geo structuralsurvey,mechanicalbehaviour of rock materials and laboratorycharacterization of rocks and soft rock, miningactivity, with focus on geological and physical-mechanicalcharacterisation of theore bodies and face and voidsstability.

Sheparticipated and coordinatedseveralresearchcontractswith public andprivate subjects and shehasbeenresponsible oflocalresearchunit in regional,national and internationalprojects.

Sheis a memberof the EuropeanInnovation Partnership (EIP) Commission on RawMaterials.

Sheis a member of the CISAO (Interdepartmental Centre of Research and Technical and ScientificCooperation with Africa_ University of Turin), weresheisinvolved in researchprojectsregarding the valorisation of the naturalresources, aswellas water availability and water quality in vulnerableareas, water management, resilience and food security.

Reviewerfor severalinternationaljournals in EngineeringGeology, Rock Mechanics, Geoinformaticsand relatedfields.

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