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Editor Name: P. Krishna Moorthy

Designation: Assistant Professor

University: University of Madras

Country: India


Research Interests:
1. Preparation and characterization of Composite membranes used in the purification of Contaminated air, Water and fuel cells.
2. Poly disperses sedimentation of same density particle of various sizes in different fluids at low Reynolds number.
3. Spectral analysis of settling studies with metal additives in mono disperses starch suspensions.
4. Sedimentation in Environmental Studies.
5. Adsorption studies in Bio degradable biopolymer based adsorbents to remove various dyes in industrial waste and metals removal in water purification and bio samples.
6. NLO crystal Growth and characterization and its stability in oxidative atmosphere.
7. Reaction Kinetics studies using eco friendly oxidants.
8. Preparation of inorganic nano particle and its applications.
9. Green Synthesis of Silver and Zinc nano particles using Natural plants and their antiplasmodial activities, antimicrobial activity and cytotoxic effect. 

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