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Editor Name: Mucio Joao Porto

Designation: Plastic Surgeon

University: Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil


Dr. Mucio Porto is one of the most sought requested plastic surgeons in the world with renowned clinics in Brasilia, Brazil and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He learned the art and concepts of harmony and balance of the face and body with Professor Ivo Pitanguy. The biggest name in plastic surgery of the 20th century in his clinic in Rio de Janeiro. With him he published scientific papers, participated in demonstrative surgeries and attended to celebrities from all over the world. Doctor Mucio Porto, passionate about the study and treatment of aging alterations, created protocols for treating this process with a three-dimensional approach that is bringing deeper tissues to a state of greater consistency which allows incomparable results for the “lifting” effect of the body and especially the face. He is a faculty member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and that's why he teaches aesthetic training courses around the world and based in Dubai, Long Beach and Singapore. Dr Porto has his own skin care products trade mark, the DR. MP beauty line, his online medical teaching school, the Porto academy and is on the air shuttle between Brasilia and Dubai in its trendy clinics.

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