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Mohammed Rachidi - Editor

Journal of Human Genetics and Genetic Disorders

Editor Name: Mohammed Rachidi

Designation: Director of Research

University: Paris Diderot University

Country: France


Dr. Mohammed Rachidi received his PhD/ Doctorate Degree in Human and Molecular Genetics (with High Honors) at the prestigious 'Pasteur Institute' (Paris, France), in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Genetics headed by the Professor Fran├žois JACOB (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine), where he studied the Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms underlying Brain Morphogenesis, Visual System development, CaMKinases & Biological Clock Function in Drosophila. Dr. Rachidi extended these Molecular Genetics works to Functional Genomics at Pasteur Institute and at Center of National Research Scientific CNRS.
Research Interests: Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms underlying Brain Morphogenesis, Synaptic Protein Targeting, Synaptic Plasticity, CaMKII & CAMGUK/MAGUK, Bone Morphogenetic Protein BMP signaling pathways, Intellectual Disability, Candidate Genes, Expression studies, Genotype-Phenotype Associations.

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