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Mohamed Nageeb Rashed - Editor

Journal of Earth Science and Geology

Editor Name: Mohamed Nageeb Rashed

Designation: Professor

University: Aswan University

Country: Egypt


Research Activities:
1 Treatment of wastewater and industrial wastes using nanocatalyst and nanocomposite..
2 Adsorption of heavy and toxic metals using natural ores, dried plants and solid wastes as well as its application for wastewater treatment.
3 Photocatalytic degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants in liquid wastes.
4 Speciation and distribution of trace and toxic metals in Nile and Nasser Lake mud, sediments, aquatic plants, fish and water.
5 Environmental studies of bioavailable and toxic elements between city and desert ecosystem.
6 Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Monitoring of Lakes.
7 Environmental Chemistry Environmental Monitoring of Rivers.

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