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Mahmoud Mohamed Senosy - Editor

Journal of Earth Science and Geology

Editor Name: Mahmoud Mohamed Senosy

Designation: Professor

University: Assiut University

Country: Egypt


Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Senosy is a Professor in Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Assiut University, Egypt. He has Ph. D. degree in applied geophysics in 1994. He is a member of many associations and societies like The Egyptian Society of Geology, The Egyptian Society of Geophysics, The Egyptian Society of Remote sensing, The Egyptian syndicate of scientific professions and The Egyptian Society of petrophysics.

He has more than 30 year experience in applying surface and borehole geophysical methods in

1-   Shallow investigation

a-    Groundwater exploration and evaluation

b-    Engineering and environmental purposes

c-    Buried utilities and man-made features

d-    Archeology

e-    Ore mineral exploration

2-   Deep investigation

a-    Petroleum and hydrocarbon exploration

b-    Deep seated geologic structures

c-    Crustal deformation and tectonic

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