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Maarif Jafarov - Editor

Journal of Physics: Study and Research

Editor Name: Maarif Jafarov

Designation: Chief research scientist

University: Baku State University

Country: Azerbaijan


Electronic properties of  p- CdS films, p- type characteristics of Cu- doped CdS, еffect of heat treatment on electrical and electrophysical properties of the р-CdS films.In the sandwich structure of Al-CdS films at presence of intermediate Al2O3 layer is observed effect of switching as steady conditions of conductivity, which in some approach can be considered as prebreakdown and after breakdown conditions. The results of researches of the current carrying mechanism in structure Al-CdS, made by a method of deposition from a water solution on a hot substrate are given. It is established, that presence of the nanosize inverse layer of р-type СdS   with high concentration of holes, controlled by technological conditions of film deposition, causes the formation of reverse-biased p-n transition, in parallel Аl-n-СdS barrier.

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