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Intan Safinar Binti Ismail - Editor

Journal of Chemistry and Research

Editor Name: Intan Safinar Binti Ismail

Designation: Associate Professor

University: Universiti Putra

Country: Malaysia


I have been exposed to Natural Product Chemistry since I took up my Master’s Degree course in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) from 1995-1997. During this period, I was given an opportunity to also work in Okayama University under an exchange student program sponsored by the Japanese Government through Monbusho scholarship. After finishing my MSc, intermitently I held several positions in companies and responsible for research and development of analytical methods and products. In 2000, I joined Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University for my Doctoral Degree. I completed and received my Doctor of Philosophy (Phytochemistry) in 2003 and immediately being offered a post-doctoral position in the same laboratory (2003 to 2004). In December 2004, I was accepted as a lecturer in University Science Malaysia (USM). However, I decided to join Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) as a Senior Lecturer after being in USM for 6 months. Since April 2013 until the present, I am an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UPM. I was the Head of Laboratory of Natural Product, Institute of Bioscience, UPM from 2011 to 2017. My research focus is on discovering for the boactive component from natural resources utilizing metabolomics tool and conventional natural product chemistry approach.
Within the period of my affliation to the Universiti Putra Malaysia, I have published around 150 papers in reputed journals and 92 presentations at conferences, led 14 research projects and being invited as speakers including as keynote speaker at international meetings. I am an editor for Journal of Natural Medicines under Springer, and chairing a few important scientific meetings including Asian Symposium on Medicinal Plants and Spices (ASOMPS) XVII for 2020. Six PhD and 12 MSc students have graduated under my supervision with more than 20 are still under going their studies.

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