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Guadalupe Garcia Elorriaga - Editor

Journal of AIDS

Editor Name: Guadalupe Garcia Elorriaga

Designation: Professional Researcher

University: Hospital of Infectious Diseases

Country: Mexico

Biography: Dr. Guadalupe GarcĂ­a-Elorriaga has received her M Sc and PhD in National School of Biological Sciences, National Institute Politecnico, Mexico City, during the period of 1983-1992. She has worked as Professional Researcher in the Hospital of Infectious Diseases, CMNR. Her research has included: Mycobacterial diseases and those caused by chlamydia, mainly. She is serving as an editorial member of World Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2011-2019, expert Reviewer and invited Reviewer for several scientific journals. She has authored research articles (33)/book (1)/book chapters (14). She is a member of a) Sub-committee of the Tuberculosis Clinic of Pediatrics, National Center of Epidemiological Surveillance and Disease Control. Department of Epidemiology. SS; b) Research and Bioethics Committee of the Hospital of Infectious Diseases, CMNR; and c) The Academic Committee for the Validation of Specifications of Reactive Single Professional Certification Exam for Clinical Chemists (eUCP-QC).

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