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Editor Name: Giulio Iovine

Designation: Scientist

University: Research institute for geo-hydrological protection (IRPI)

Country: Italy


I had my BA and MA from the University of Bologna; there I was thoroughly trained in ancient languages, and became familiar with a wide range of authors from classical and late antiquity, both Latin and Greek. I particularly studied Classical Philology with Prof R. Tosi and Prof C. Neri, and had my first papyrological experiences with Dr C. Salvaterra and Prof E. Esposito. I also cultivated an interest in Epicureanism: my BA thesis focused on a Herculaneum papyrus, PHerc 19/698, dwelling on Epicurean theories of perception; the expertise I gained from this experience was subsequently employed in re-publishing another philosophical papyrus (PSI inv. 3129) on Epicurean soul theory for the Corpus dei Papiri Filosofici (forthcoming in 2017). For my MA thesis, I aimed to Greek theatre and worked on Aeschylus’ Theoroi, a satyr play preserved by an Oxyrhynchus papyrus (P.Oxy. XVIII 2162), which I was able directly to inspect in Oxford thanks to a funding programme in my University (‘Thesis Abroad’).

My PhD research has focused on a Sophoclean tragedy, the Eurypylus (frr. 206-222 Radt), which consists of 119 fragments. They are preserved by P.Oxy. IX 1175 + XVII 2081(b), and were published by Hunt in volumes IX (1912) and XVII (1927) of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri. This work has resulted in several talks and papers. A draft of a monograph, the first to be published about the Eurypylus, is in progress and scheduled for publication in the prestigious series ‘Testi e commenti’.

During my doctoral and postdoctoral studies I have also built considerable research-based expertise on Papyrology and Palaeography. In 2013 I improved my expertise abroad by spending six months in London and Oxford to study Papyrology; in the year 2014/2015 I have attended the Vatican School of Greek Palaeography, and learned the ways of ancient Greek manuscripts. On September 2015, I have got a post-doctoral research position in Naples, in the ERC project PLATINUM (P. I. Prof M. C. Scappaticcio), where I have been taught Latin palaeography; we are currently publishing or re-publishing several Latin papyri and ostraka for a future Corpus Papyrorum Latinarum.
Supervisors: Maria Chiara Scappaticcio, Liana Lomiento, Elena Esposito, and Walter Cavini

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