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Francisco Torrens - Editor

Journal of Ophthalmology

Editor Name: Francisco Torrens


University: University of Valencia

Country: Spain


Dr. Francisco Torrens is lecturer in physical chemistry at the Universitat de València. After obtaining a PhD in molecular associations in azines and macrocycles from the Universitat de València, Dr. Torrens undertook postdoctoral research with Professor Rivail at the Université de Nancy I. More recently, Dr. Torrens has collaborated on projects with Professors Tomás-Vert, Salgado and Castellano. His scientific accomplishments include the first implementation in a computer at the Universitat de València of a program for the elucidation of crystallographic structures and the construction of the first computational-chemistry program adapted to a vector-facility supercomputer in a Spanish university.

Research Interest: Theoretical chemistry, Physical chemistry, Mathematical chemistry, Computational chemistry, Molecular modelling, Simulation and design, Computer-aided drug design and development, Molecular graphics and representation of molecular properties.

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