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Fahd Al-Mulla - Editor

Journal of Oncogenesis

Editor Name: Fahd Al-Mulla

Designation: Professor and Consultant

University: Kuwait University

Country: USA


Fahd Al-Mulla is professor of molecular pathology and genomic medicine at Kuwait University and adjunct Faculty at Marshall University, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine USA. Fahd established 2 laboratories at Kuwait University; The former is alarge researchcore facility that serves about 600 academics, students and researchersand the latter is a molecular diagnostic laboratory that he heads. Currently, he heads the Functional Genomics Unit at DDI. 
Fahd is the Founder and Director of a private diagnostic genomic medicine center called Genatak, which aims at delivering state-of-the-art genomic technologies to the public and private sectors. Fahd has pioneered the use of next generation sequencing and microarrays in diagnostics and precision medicine.  His research activities focus on cancer and diabetes. His research led to the identification of two novel metastasis suppressor genes, namely Carbonyl Reductase and Raf Kinase Inhibitory Proteins, which he and his team characterized further and their therapeutic roles in cancer patented. In the last 5-years, Fahd’s work focused more intensely on wound healing and angiogenesis defects in a genetic rat model of type II diabetes mellitus. He and his colleagues were not only able to ameliorate insulin resistance in these rat models, but also understand the precise molecular defects predisposing the animals to diabetes. By using wide genome array technology along with precise RNAi and protein inhibitors, he and his team wereable to enhance wound closure, angiogenesis and mitigate cellular senescence in these animals.Fahd has spearheaded and initiated the ‘Genome Arabia’ project, which is a new technological milestone aiming at sequencing normal Arab individuals from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Lebanon.

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