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Editor Name: Burhan Davarcio─člu

Designation: Associate professor

University: Aksaray University

Country: Turkey

Biography: Instead of using ultrasound image to be determined when determining the place of bats in nature have created the idea of ultrasonic distance measurement. Measuring the return time of ultrasonic waves to an object hit is the basis of this study. Instead of microwave frequencies in the ultrasonic radar system called the frequency can hear the people (ultrasonic) sound waves are used. This generated digital electronic circuit assembly and a printed circuit is made. This has been done with ultrasound distance measurement, the measured distance values are shown on the digital display. Problems with reflections from the ultrasound from the surface of the object in the measurement revealed that there are drawbacks. A reflection direction of the incident sound wave and the angle of the surface depends on the shape of the surface. No matter how small angle of incidence, the possibility of stripping the surface reflection of the sound without being so high and so on, is made from a faulty measurement. In the far distance is reduced to a great extent the accuracy of the measurements.

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