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Editor Name: Aliakbar Shamsipour

Designation: Association Professor

University: University of Tehran

Country: Iran


Research Interests
 Urban climatology in topics; heat island, climate design, air pollution, and thermal comfort
 Micro-scale numerical modeling by CFDs models like Envi-met V.3.1. Meso-scale numerical modeling and computational physics, RegCMv4,
 Regional climate modeling (dynamical downscaling), Lars-WG,
 Measuring and computing surface temperature trends of physical surfaces
 Application of Remote Sensing (RS) in Climatology, Envi v4.5 and Erdas v9.1,
 Air pollution dispersion modeling in complex terrain, TAPM v4,
 Application of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to environmental sciences, ArcGISv9.3,
 Climate hazards such; Drought, Dust, Urban Heat Island, Air pollution and storm
 Tourism and Eco-tourism research and sustainability sciences,

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