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Abdel Khaleq Mousa Alsmadi - Editor

Journal of Physics: Study and Research

Editor Name: Abdel Khaleq Mousa Alsmadi

Designation: Associate professor

University: Kuwait University

Country: Kuwait


My current research focuses on studying magnetic and related physical properties in two different classes of materials: correlated-electron systems (f-electron systems and transition-metal oxides) and nanostructures (powder, thin films, multilayers and dilute magnetic semiconductors).
In particular, I am studying magnetism in strongly correlated electrons systems (f-electron systems and transition-metal oxides) under multi extreme conditions (low temperature (up to mK), high magnetic field (up to 100T) and high pressure (CuBe cell up to 4 GPa and diamond anvil cell up to 100 GPa)) using neutron and x-ray scattering techniques and bulk measurements. Some examples of strongly correlated systems are the high-temperature superconductors, heavy fermion compounds (U-, Ce- and Eu- based compounds), Kondo compounds and Mott insulators.

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