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Madridge Journal of Novel Drug Research

ISSN: 2641-5232

About Journal

Madridge Journal of Novel Drug Research (MJNDR) is the journal that obliges the engrossment of both practicing clinicians and research workers. Novel Drug/Drug Discovery is a process through which prospective new medicines were identified.
MJNDR involves a wide range of scientific disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and pharmacology sustaining the best-suited journal in the E-journal domain. This results in easy and prompt reachability of the published articles across the globe thus attaining fast growth as an accomplished journal serving the scientific community. This will be very helpful for research activities, mostly for students and young scientists to continue their research journey.
Madridge Journal of Novel Drug Research mainly dedicated to publishing novel methods and advancements in drug discovery through better quality and research. The Journal accepts various formats of literary works such as Research articles, Case reports, Review, Commentary and Short Communications etc.


 Drug discovery

 Drug safety and effectiveness






 Pharmacology & Therapeutics

 Medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry

 Drug formulation

 Drug delivery

 Biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology

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