International Journal of Proteomics and Computational Biology

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The International Journal of Proteomics and Computational Biology (IJPCB) series publishes the very latest, high-quality research devoted to specific issues. The main emphasis is on current scientific developments and innovative techniques in proteomics and computational biology, bringing to light methods from Proteomics, Genomics and Computerized Biological Systems that directly address research, Innovation currently under investigation.

IJPCB publishes original papers on current research, experimental and theoretical works and computational analyses in proteomics and Computational biology. The Journal also publishes reviews, case reports, short notes, editorials, and book reviews. IJPCB presents original and timely articles on all aspects of Proteomics and Computational Biology.

IJPCB will be very helpful for research activities, mostly for students and young scientists to continue their research journey. It creates a best platform for the author to share your knowledge by publishing your article in our journal, which is going to be reviewed by the best editorial board.




 Computational Medical Diagnostics



 Cell Signalling

 Molecular Biology

 Genetics and Genomics


 Mass Spectrometry

 Proteome Research

 Bio informatics

 Clinical and Cellular Proteomics

 Molecular Proteomics

 Computational Biology

 Mathematical Biology

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