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ISSN: 2639-0426


European Physics Conference 2018
December 6-7, 2018 Valencia, Spain

Role of Computational Physics in the Age Third Millennium Automation

Eduard Babulak

National Science Foundation, USA

DOI: 10.18689/2639-0426.a1.001

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The current research and fast innovation and development in the field of Automation, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in conjunction with the ubiquitous access to Internet, Smart Computational Devices (SCD), and Ultrafast Global Communication is opening a new era of Experimental Computational Physics. The third millennium is a new era the Smart Fully Automated Cyberspace that is becoming pervasive in its nature while connecting the next generation of Ultra-smart Robotic Devices with the computationally powerful SCDs accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. In support of Smart Robotics, the telecommunications networks providers and SCDs developers, are working together to create much faster transmission channels with provision of higher quality of service for any multimedia content for anyone, anywhere at any time. The Human Machine Interface with high definition audio and video facilitates seamless control of Smart Robotics & Computational Devices (SRCD), which are becoming a common technology in family homes, business, academic, and business, and industry worldwide. The author discusses the current and future trends of research, innovation and developments in Automation, SRCD, Cyber Physical Critical Infrastructures (CPCI) and Cyber Assurance, in conjunction with the Future Ultra-Fast Internet and Ultra-SRCD. The author promotes creation of multidisciplinary multinational research teams of Experimental Computational Physicists and Technologist,to develop Next Generation SRCD and Fully Automated Environment, while utilizing Ultra-Smart Robotic & Computational Devices, in conjunction with the critical Cyber Safety and Assurance challenges for today and for tomorrow.

Prof. Babulakis accomplished global scholar, consultant, educator, engineer and polyglot. He successfully published and presented his work worldwide. He was Invited Speaker at the University of Cambridge, MIT, Purdue University, Yokohama National University and University of Electro Communications in Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, Penn State in USA, Czech Technical University in Prague, University at West Indies, Graz University of Technology, Austria, and other prestigious institutions worldwide. His biography was cited in Cambridge Blue Book, Cambridge Index of Biographies, Stanford Whoʼs Who and number of issues of Whoʼs Who in the World and America.