Madridge Journal of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

ISSN: 2639-0434

International Conference on Dentistry
April 3-5, 2017 Dubai, UAE

The effectiveness of manual dynamic agitation on root canal irrigated with Sodium Hypochlorite 2.5%

Irene Mariani Nurisawati

Padjadjaran University, Indonesia

DOI: 10.18689/2639-0434.a1.005

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Manual dynamic agitation is a method of agitation using gutta percha point which help irrigant to flow into the apical part of root canal and gives better cleanliness. The aim of this study is to know the difference between non agitation and manual dynamic agitation techniques in root canal apical one third irrigated with sodium hypochlorite 2.5%.

The method of research for non agitation group (A) : the sample was irrigated with 18 ml sodium hypochlorite 2.5%. Manual dynamic agitation group (B) : 200 push and pull strokes with gutta percha point was introduced into the working length of root canal with total 18 ml irrigant delivered. Samples used in this research were 30 maxillary central incisive teeth. The samples were examined under a stereomicroscope at a magnification x16. The results were scored with Wu & Wesselink scoring technique and tested with independent sample t test.

The result showed the significance value of 0.002 (α = 0.05). The average value for group A was 0.121 whilst group B was 0.055.

The conlusion of this research is there is a significant difference between group A and B. Manual dynamic agitation gives better cleanliness in root canal apical one third than non agitation technique and more effective.

Irene has completed her bachelor degree at the age of 22 years from Dentistry Faculty in Padjadjaran University, Indonesia. She is now continuing her education in the professional degree of dentistry in Padjadjaran University. She was a treasurer of Smilemotion event held by Faculty of Dentistry Padjadjaran University in order to gain charity for lip and palate cleft surgery. She is now an active member of co-assistant group in Dentistry Faculty, Padjadjaran University year 2012.