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Opinion Article

A Perfect System Model

Felix Mudiappan*

Melechemparuthi veedu, Vavarai, S.T.Mankad P.O, Kanyakumary District, Tamil Nadu, India

*Corresponding author: Felix Mudiappan, Melechemparuthi veedu,Vavarai, S.T.Mankad P.O, Kanyakumary District, Tamil Nadu, India, E-mail:

Received: February 2, 2019 Accepted: February 11, 2019 Published: February 18, 2019

Citation: Mudiappan F. A Perfect System Model. Int J Cosmol Astron Astrophys. 2019; 1(2): 54-61. doi: 10.18689/ijcaa-1000114

Copyright: © 2019 The Author(s). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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This paper discusses the possibilities for this universe to attain a state of perfect system. This universe is made up of particles, fundamental forces and soul, known as prime factors, that’s why with reference to these, the perfect system is explained. Here the assumption is the existence of very fundamental unit of universe C everywhere in this universe and beyond, which are linked to each other. This linkage can be proved from the way C exists in this universe and beyond. The discussion in this paper will tell why we have to believe in perfect system using C. The perfect system from the perception of particles, fundamental forces, and soul is explained to make everything possible in this universe and beyond.

Keywords: Perfect system; Particles; Fundamental forces; Souls; Prime factors; Very fundamental unit C

C- Very fundamental unit of universe Cs- Very fundamental unit for soul
Cp- Very fundamental unit for particle
Cf- Very fundamental unit for fundamental forces
Cpf- Space of non-living beings or Particles and fundamental forces combination in C
Cpfs- Very fundamental unit in trinity form, that is, particle, fundamental forces, and soul.
G-Cpfs- God in C with trinity form, that is, particles, fundamental forces, and soul combined.
Gh-Cpfs- Ghost in C with trinity form, that is, particles, fundamental forces, and soul combined.
D-Cpfs- Devil in C with trinity form, that is, particles, fundamental forces and soul combined.
HDS- Higher Dimensional State/States LDS- Lower Dimensional State/States
G- God
Gh- Ghost
l - Number of dimensions in particle (for each very fundamental unit as Cp)
m - Number of dimensions in fundamental forces (for each very fundamental unit as Cf)
n - Number of dimensions in soul (for each very fundamental unit as Cs)
Cn= n number of prime factors, C3 for this universe, that is Cp, Cf and Cs


This paper discusses the possibilities for this universe to be perfect using a new very fundamental unit C concept. It is assumed the whole of this universe and beyond is filled with this very fundamental unit C. The very basic assumption is perfect system knew everything happening in the universe and beyond; in order, this to happen C should be distributed continuously across the universe and beyond. It does not necessarily be C, may be any letter as it is assumed to be flexible to any shape. Higher Dimensional State (HDS) is the assumption how each very fundamental unit C should behave to be perfect. The present universe with particles, fundamental forces, and soul are below the level of HDS having perfect system [1-3].

It is worth explaining the perfect system from what we feel and see or sense (this makes the proof) in this universe. Anything is possible with the perfect system is the assumption. This anything-possible assumption will make both Big bang and steady state existence of this universe possible. This fact is achieved by the existence of very fundamental unit C everywhere, thus basically HDS means the entire C in this universe and beyond. Say each C exists in different dimensions or some may have same dimensions. To small extent, possibility of a perfect system governs this universe is that this universe is running for billions of years without collapse with rules. Though a perfect system governs us, we and our universe is not perfect. Here this paper is the study of how a perfect system like HDS should exist [4].

Problems with the present universe and present humans

The problems analyzed here are with respect to humans. The problems with the present universe are the losses or irreversibility to 100 percentage or only forward time marching, which makes the human uncomfortable. Knowledge of everything is important to be perfect. Thus for billions of years earth or this universe running means a perfect system only controls it though this universe is not perfect as far as humans are concerned. From the point of view of comfort, either environment should control us giving comfort or we should control the environment to make us comfort. It is better to put, both exist as handicapped with reference to each other in this universe as the dimensions of both are limited [5].

Though, when we reach comfort, based on needs, it cannot be said as perfect as far as HDS is concerned. Say this HDS as the controller of this universe (a perfect system). Thus, it is up to a limit only we can know our vast universe (the whole universe can be said as rule of region as this universe is basically based on rules or laws) and its controller HDS (from the fact the universe is systematic with its rules even handicapped for us). The comfort here can be of two types. One comfort achieved with in rule of particles, fundamental forces and souls in this world or universe and another achieved based on beyond the rules of above three in this world (or no rule for the particle, fundamental forces and soul). The first comfort though appears to be perfect to some humans in this world, it is not the perfect one as far as HDS are concerned when HDS sits in the human space and views [6]. When HDS sits in their own space, this world is perfect system only as anything possible by the perfect system is the assumption, say for some purpose they makes the rules to be followed on humans. It is explained in the section purpose of creation.

We keep our senses as reference to explain the system universe. These senses are felt in particles, fundamental forces, and soul. To our senses these three are known, beyond this, there is a possibility of existence of another like this. The senses are the parameters in this universe meant for particle, fundamental forces, and souls, can be called as dimensions in soul, particles and fundamental forces. To most of our senses, only this universe is not perfect, this can be justified from the fact that we cannot have reversibility in particles and fundamental forces. Thus, what we think cannot be achieved easily. This is because we cannot disperse or distribute our self in particles and fundamental forces and feel or control it as our needs or as we want. Still perfection is possible in soul level among humans only if an agreement is reached among humans. The condition is that this agreement should not harm others and should bring happiness. The soul level agreement fails with souls other than humans as in order humans to survive; we have to kill them either for food or for protection. If it has to be more means author has to fly, disappear by himself or control of environment [3].

The prime factors in this universe are particles, fundamental forces, and souls. If other universes exist, there might be more prime factors than this or less than this would be present. The presence of higher dimensional states can be justified from the universe following rules exist billion of years without collapsing. Thus some forces control the universe in a way it does not collapse, say this as positive forces only, otherwise it would be harming us. From the human point of view (or their vision and feelings about this universe), the perfection means following should be achieved above the rules or limit.

1. Environment should control humans
2. Humans should control the environment

Both need particle, fundamental forces and soul to exist in a reversible manner, without losses, making anything possible. Humans have limitations like.

1. Irreversibility (cannot travel in past and future)
2. Lack of control of particles, fundamental forces, and souls above a limit
3. Cannot compress and expand themselves and make others to expend and compress
4. Cannot go invisible
5. Should have the knowledge of everything in this universe etc.

However, the higher dimensional states should have all the above possible and unknown more possible, simply everything is possible. This is explained in this paper as perfect system. The above drawbacks make this universe and humans handicapped one from human dimensions they have. It will be viewed as perfect by HDS, but by standing in human space, this universe is not perfect as we assumed everything is possible by HDS. Following model of this universe will tell how this perfection could be achieved. Perfection here means anything is possible by HDS. In the perfect system with reversibility means, they exist in timeless space. In order the HDS to know everything they exist in this universe and beyond as C, the very fundamental unit of universes linked to each other. This term ‘linked’ is very important, as without this link, it will make the perfect system or HDS a handicapped one. Thus without collapse this universe runs [7-9].

The Possibility of purpose of Creation

We see here in this world or universe or rule of region, everything is choice based with less number of dimensions. The HDS should have more number of dimensions in order to be perfect; otherwise, imperfections will exist just like humans.

If we are not careful in our steps, we may loss our valuable life here. Everything already exists and made by someone. We ourselves also made by someone (born unknowing to us, without the knowledge of who we are), gets energy from outside. Thus we eat and excrete waste (these belong to someone else, they provide energy), say as open system in this regard even we are closed system (flesh and blood). If we our self had energy we would not have eat external food and produced wastes. Thus for a perfect system, there might not be a system like human. In the point of view of getting energy, the perfect system can be called as closed system without leakage. HDS is equal to this universe and beyond (as per governing and perfect system assumption), thus the system of universes form a closed system. We would have got energy from our self, if we have created this universe. Thus for a perfect system the universe has to be closed without leakage in particles, fundamental forces and souls. This universe is with loss of particles through black holes and not a closed system. Moreover, it is not perfect as there are losses, which are irreversible, and rules for particles, fundamental forces, and souls. For a perfect system, anything is possible and there are no rules are the assumption [10,11].

The Purpose of creation can be said as to attain a perfect state with independent controlling power of prime factors. We are not perfect in this world though we are governed by a perfect system. The reason why we are governed by a perfect system or HDS is that our universe and solar system is running without collapsing for billions of years. In order we to be perfect we should control the prime factors and beyond if exist more. This is the reason why we are independent or exist in a choice based system, not linked to a perfect system or HDS. We all are trained here in this solar system in the Milky Way galaxy to be independent rulers or managers of our self within the rule of region, a universe with rules in particle, fundamental forces, and souls. We are given the sense of knowing good and evil, that is, to know the rules governing this universe. The knowledge of good and evil will tell us the limitations in particles, fundamental forces, and souls in our body. For example, if you jump, you will break your leg and if you go near fire, you will burn. This is limitation in our particle. Similarly, we have limitations in our fundamental forces, for example, above a limit, you cannot visualize, or in night you cannot see, light is required to see. This might not be case with some animals. The limitations in soul level include what we think we cannot achieve or our characters like jealous, proud etc brings chaos among ourselves. By knowing good and evil, we become independent to control ourselves using our thinking (a soul level dimension or parameter); this control happens in a small scale in lower level and it will be expanded to bigger level. The training or experience in this world adds up for that. Presently we are taking strains to control particles (building construction), fundamental forces (signal generation, light control etc) and souls (managing human souls in a work place in a required way) and say in this difficult level if we practice to control particles, fundamental forces and souls, we can get a good experience for next level. You will develop enough skills for the next level.

When there are differences in parameters (also called the senses or dimensions), it looks attractive or adds flavor in this world. In order to have differences you need to vary the parameter values from +ve to -ve and vice versa, which looks attractive or gives some benefits (comforts). For example by varying speed of fan, you can have comfort according to climate or you can switch it off. Now you feel the differences in speed and choose appropriate speed to your need. What if you could control the particles, fundamental forces and souls according to your need, not just having feeling, it is better. Thus, in this world knowing good and evil or knowing differences, you get knowledge of everything including the types of human souls. When human soul exists in your body, you independently move and take decisions. Thus soul is the primary and the training in soul level parameters (in this world) will be required in the next level as it is primary and more over when we die, we die leaving particles and fundamental forces. When soul exist, thinking exist and our thinking or memories may not die (if dies no meaning for creation). After death, in soul level you may try to exist like in the earth, but it depends on how you developed the power in the soul in a way particle and fundamental forces obey. If you go to a perfect system, after death, this might be possible to control prime factors. If you go to a system equivalent to earth or below it, it may not be possible to control particle, fundamental forces, and souls. Therefore, we have to explore the reasons to reach perfect system in order to control prime factors or stay balanced. After death soul only stays means, its parameter, or dimensions or senses in soul level only stays. Thus, soul level dimensions have to be studied in order to control prime factors. This has to be researched and it is beyond the scope of this paper.

Having assumed perfect system, which governs us as not handicapped; there should be a better world after this training for the sufferings we get. We may get the link with HDS (perfect system) or will be in better position after this world, but not all the people are suffering in this world. There might be rules to reach HDS. This is also beyond the scope of this paper.

Having practiced to know good and evil, we can stand in both the -ve flexible side (Gh- Cpfs) of HDS and also +ve flexible side (G-Cpfs of HDS), which is discussed in the next section 4. This has to be the purpose of creation. Simply, to be a manager or creators like top most HDS; training is given in this world or universe. By this training, we can exist in the space of each C; that is, we can create many C, feel it, control it etc. In short, a judgment should be there for this system or universe governed by HDS, otherwise perfect system has to be handicapped as soul which hurt other will join with perfect system. Everybody will go to their original place where they should be, this will be the net result of what they inherently deserve to be and based on actions in this world. If their -ve actions in this world is nil, they will go to their original space where they should be by birth. The actions in this world may yield a promotion or demotion. Those who hurt others joining the perfect system will affect the dignity of HDS. Thus why do we have struggles in this world has the answer now. The purpose of this choice based system can be said as an energy generating process by our self-having more dimensions (parameters or senses) in particles, fundamental forces, souls, and controlling these. Here in this world we are practicing to stand our self-independent. This section discussed based on perfect system assumption.

Dimensions and Higher Dimensional State (HDS)

Dimensions here mean parameters like temperature, pressure wavelength, sad, happiness etc. They can be grouped into for particles (temperature, pressure, pain etc), fundamental forces (wavelength, frequency, amplitude etc) and soul (sad, happiness, thought etc). Let us say this dimensions in soul, particles, fundamental forces for very fundamental unit of universe C as Cs, Cp and Cf respectively and l, m, n be the number of dimensions for Cp, Cf, Cs respectively. Each fundamental unit in this world has different numbers of dimensions by summing up l+m+n. If a C or group of C exist with more number of dimensions than visible C or group of C, and also exist in invisible state, then it is called to exist as HDS. Let us say HDS has control over both living and non-living (perfect system). Say they exist in each C as combination of particles, fundamental forces and soul (Cpfs), simply “Trinity form” and invisible. Each Cpfs combines to form group of Cpfs. They can exist as one of the trinity form in sleep mode and others expressed. The very fundamental unit of universe for a perfect system is flexible and can take any form. Considering C as trinity, the following figure 1 is valid.

Figure 1. Fundamental unit of universe for a perfect system Cpfs

1. When G-Cpfs/Gh-Cpfs drives Cpfs (simply C),then C or Cpfs = G-Cpfs
2. When D-Cpfs drives Cpfs (simply C),then C or Cpfs = D-Cpfs

G-Cpfs makes C flexible or reversible, is meant for enhancing the +ve dimensions adding flavor or different expressions to C, Gh-Cpfs also flexible or reversible, is meant for enhancing -ve dimensions adding flavor or different expressions to C. D-Cpfs is meant for reducing the flexibility or reversibility of Cpfs in C is meant for particle, fundamental forces and soul respectively, which is put together because each C has the capacity to change themselves in either particle, fundamental forces and soul. When one is expressed other can go in sleep mode, they can exist as p,f,s individually or in combination. The possibilities can be given below in (Table 1). This table 1 explains the possibilities in this universe for Cp, Cf and Cs.

Table 1. The Possibilities in this universe for Cp, Cf and Cs

If all the 7 is possible in this universe, then it is perfect, may possibilities beyond this happen say if Cn exist, where Cn is prime factor for the existence of universes. Here in this universe C3 exists, that is, for particle Cp, Cf and Cs, simply Cpfs exist. If more means for other universes, it is Cpfs....n. If two universes join, still there is possibility for increase of prime factors and dimensions. Even in this universe, C may exist as Cpfs...n, invisible to humans, or not falling under human sense.

Say C has the slot for both G-Cpfs/Gh-Cpfs or D-Cpfs.Say G-Cpfs/Gh-Cpfs causes flexibility or reversibility (forward and reversible time) and irreversibility (only forward time). Cp, Cf and Cs can exist alone and in any combination with various numbers in l,m,n and with varying values of each dimensions. Let us assume Cs as superior one (as soul is primary based on our discussion) and have control over Cp, Cf. D-Cpfs causes irreversibility in Cp, Cf and Cs.

Rule of region

Rule of region is a region in which certain natural laws exist, which makes the humans and other species livable with certain dimensions. Certain dimensions assumption is valuable, as humans cannot go invisible like HDS. Moreover they cannot fly, go to reversible time (past), not known about future, cannot control particles, fundamental forces and souls and also cannot exhibit like HDS which exist as perfect system. Beyond this region, human life is impossible. In order life to exist beyond this region, either environment should adjust their dimensions to make life suitable or humans should adjust their dimensions. If this happens, then we are in perfect system in terms of particles and fundamental forces. Even perfection is achieved in particles and fundamental forces, but not in soul level, then it cannot be said as perfect system. Even perfection not achieved in particles and fundamental forces, we can get a feel of perfect system in soul level (poor getting happiness because of agreement of other humans). Even in soul level perfection is reached, it varies and not constant for all the times, thus it can be said that the rule of region is still handicapped to humans, but better than outside rule of region as far as humans concerned and this is not true for HDS, for which the rule or region or outside, nevertheless this whole universe is still perfect. This is assuming perfect system for HDS. The rule of region (to certain percentage) is shown in (Figure 2). Again it is based on human view and survivability.

Figure 2. The rule of region (to certain percentage)

From the observations by scientists, the whole universe is following the rule with forward marching of time, that is, human cannot go there, live and be reversible any part of the universe, thus the whole universe can be said as rule of region until now. In order to change this view, some change should happen in the universe in a way flexibility or reversibility exists. Only in certain cases flexibility exist in this universe that might not have come to our knowledge. Thus, in the point of view of human, the whole universe is handicapped though rule of region is good for certain extent. Based on very fundamental unit C concept for a perfect system, the multiplication or expansion and disappearance should be capable for individual C, but it happens as a lump sum of masses, say expansion of universe (multiplication) or black holes (disappearance). Moreover, outer space of universe beyond rule of region not possible to live by humans or any species on earth. Thus, the entire universe is based on rules only. This will lead to the thinking that perfect system may exist outside this universe, where other than particles, fundamental forces, and soul, other prime factors may exist. This is based on perfect system assumption. From this, the possibilities of other universes cannot be denied.

Perfect and steady system theory

Each system in this universe has losses. The losses in each system can be integrated to form net loss, which will affect the universe. For example take a human system, we eat food, only part of it converted to energy, remaining comes as waste; fuels burn to produce pollution, which affect the universe etc. Any system in this universe tries to come in a steady state or to be perfect within the given conditions. In short we can say with the given rules or conditions or dimensions of particles, fundamental forces, they produce losses, but if they are with more dimensions means, they might not produce losses. An evolution is required here with addition of more dimensions to be perfect. We say a system as perfect when our needs are met without losses and even if there are losses, it should not affect us. As long as it does not affect us or appears to our senses that it does not affects us, it is perfect or if a system gives to us comfort, we can say it as perfect. Here we say, when there is a loss, there is a transformation, and it is irreversible. We can say the transformation with reversibility (losses can be stored and brought back) as perfect system. Thus, steady state only possible with given dimensions in soul, particles, and fundamental forces in this universe based on comfort, not a perfect system. Here we have to know to differentiate steady with perfect. Perfect exists with only reversibility, but steady exists even without reversibility. Thus steady is not perfect. Moreover, in human view when we say something as perfect, it need not required to be perfect as based on HDS, this universe or world is not perfect.

With higher dimensions in particles, fundamental forces and soul, it might possible to attain a perfect system with the flexible nature or infinitely many dimensions in soul, particles and fundamental forces. Thus this world for humans and lower dimensional species is irreversible, but for higher dimensional states reversible (based on perfect system). Thus for them this world is a perfect system and for us not. When we talk on the basis of need, it can be said as perfect if it is satisfied (but not for HDS). Thus even in steady state if needs are satisfied and comfort is produced, then we can say steady system as a perfect system. Thus as a function of comfort, we say a system as perfect (not for HDS). Thus whatever we say as perfect in this world is not perfect. The degree of perfection vs comfort graph based on human sense can be drawn as shown in figure 3 below. This is not right as far as HDS is concerned.

Figure 3. The Degree of perfection vs Comfort graph based on human sense

In this sense, evolution can be said as one, which tries to be perfect only on the basis of need. Thus this universe tries not only to be steady state and with respect to HDS tries to be perfect too (after death soul level dimension should make link with HDS to fulfill purpose of creation and also to be perfect as said in section 3). When higher dimensional states view on us, it looks to them as imperfect but when they involve or their dimensions merge with our system, it becomes perfect for them and when their involvement makes comfort for us, we say it as perfect in our view. Thus there might be different levels in this perfection (for individual souls) based on the dimensions the higher dimensions we will have after this world. Also for perfect system, the hierarchy of existence is possible for HDS (split, multiply, xerox etc). The hierarchy can be confirmed also from the fact, in order to govern all humans, the HDS should split in each living being (hierarchy possible). It exists, as oscillating, as solid volume (this universe and no hierarchy) is also possible. The fundamental unit C everywhere and linked and anything possible (spiliting, xerox and multiplication etc of souls) by perfect system makes both hierarchy and without hierarchy possible for a perfect system. In short, it is better to include a common linking factor by G-Cpfs, Gh-Cpfs and D-Cpfs in each C, which makes both hierarchy or without hierarchy possible as one as all are linked and all are in a perfect system where anything is possible with perfect system. If anything not possible, it will make the perfect system as a handicapped one. The human history says there are positive and negative higher dimensions to human, which has effect on humans. The negative higher dimension is one, which tries to produce more losses to human dimensions in “Three in one” form, say it exist in each C as D-Cpfs. The main difference between positive higher dimensions (G-Cpfs and Gh-Cpfs) and negative higher dimension s(D-Cpfs) is the positive higher dimensions tries to provide comfort (reversible state with more flavors) to humans and pulls towards perfect system and the negative higher dimensions call us to a level below a present system, causing confusion, chaos, lack of unity, more differentiation etc. This is confirmed by the factors causing discomfort (irreversibility) to humans and the perfect system does not block this for fulfilling the purpose of creation. This provides energy to negative doing people through D-Cpfs in each C. Simply can be called as dimension blockers with irreversibility. Thus this act as -ve character in this universe and provides energy to -ve doing people, causes irreversibility or traps +ve people, as we feel these in this world. Now why -ve doing people stays steady is because of the existence of its energy provider D-Cpfs and to fulfill the purpose of creation (training to be managers with higher dimensions). In order to add flavor or variations in dimensions G-Cpfs has to exist as positive and negative in terms of its dimensions. The negative of G-Cpfs is Gh-Cpfs in each C.

From the discussion, it is clear that each system tries to be perfect or steady state within given condition. It is more appropriate to say perfect-humans(comfort to humans) when viewed humans or living beings (Three in one) points of view, perfect-HDS when HDS point of view and steady state when non-living beings particles and fundamental forces involved. The given conditions can be said as the atmosphere we live, which has dimensions in particles and fundamental forces to accommodate living beings. Each system tries to be in steady state and hence the universe itself is trying to be steady state. The losses in the small systems of the universe are the indication that it is not a perfect system. Even it is said as “comfort” for perfect system (in human view), it is appropriate to say, “Comfort without affecting other systems” for a perfect system. Even a system has superior dimensions, if it lacks “comfort without affecting other systems”, it is not a perfect system. These imperfections can be attributed to rules, conditions, or dimensions of particles, fundamental forces, and souls. For a perfect system of universe or universes, the rules, conditions, or dimensions can be explained as below in Section Rules and justice of the perfect system.

A Genus for particles, fundamental forces, and souls (Everything) to be perfect

This genus is nothing but rules or conditions called dimensions of particles, fundamental forces, and soul to exist as a perfect system. In short the dimensions l,m,n should be infinite in numbers with each dimensions varying from -∞ to +∞ is the rule to be perfect. In order to say a system as a perfect system, whatever we think should happen or our needs should be fulfilled automatically without dimensions pain and uneasiness. Thus in order to be perfect, it should not have the feeling of time or pain or it should be a reversible one, thus no death. This is the reason why we can strongly tell this universe system is not a perfect one above a limit. Our thought is also a handicapped one; if our thought is not handicapped, we would have controlled our surroundings or nature. Let us say the very fundamental unit of universe as “C”. It has the structure as below in (Figure 4).

Figure 4. The Structural fundamental unit of universe ‘C’

It has two sides, one, +ve and other -ve, pasted together just like a coin having head and tail. The + ve and -ve means the +ve and -ve dimensions respectively. Say this C as 3 in 1, that is, particles, fundamental forces, and soul. C particle (Cp) has dimensions -∞ < l < +∞. C fundamental forces (Cf) has dimensions -∞<m<∞. C soul (Cs) has dimensions -∞<n<∞. The +ve also means +ve forces, -ve also means -ve forces. The -ve forces acts opposite to +ve forces. Thus, say -ve dimensions try reduce the effect of +ve dimensions. Thus –C means, it tries to reduce the +ve dimensions of C. Say for perfect system, the -ve dimensions are flexible or reversible in the limit of -∞C<+∞, where C means dimensions l,m,n. For the present world with losses, l,m,n may or may not be reversible. Some dimensions may be reversible and many dimensions are not reversible. Especially soul level dimensions reversible. If not reversible, it is harm to us, causes discomfort and cannot be called as perfect system. Thus -ve dimensions which exist in an irreversible manner, locking us to fixed state introducing time is called -ve forces and this might be true for the present world and humans. We all are locked inside a region of space called “rule of region,” where we face discomfort and losses. The +ve and -ve can also be said to mean male and female also, which can be explained in another context (this will be proved in termite construction later). Say the top most higher dimensional state has infinite dimensions in particles, fundamental forces and soul. There can be many lower level dimensions from top most, say humans, animals etc. The termites, clouds, and walls forming the images based on Thought Wave of human are controlled by higher dimensional states in particles, fundamental forces and soul proves their existence. For human eyes, only particular dimensional states are visible and other senses can sense only limited dimensions. If humans have more dimensions or senses, they may not exist in the present dimensional states or in this world, might be existing in invisible form. Only with the help of higher dimensional states, humans can feel the higher dimensions. The example of particle dimensions “l” are, velocity, displacement, acceleration etc. The example of fundamental forces dimensions “m” are wavelength, inter molecular forces, frequency, properties of waves etc. The example of soul level dimensions “n” are happiness, sadness etc. The very fundamental unit can take any shape, that is flexible or reversible in nature, but inside rule of region, it is fixed for certain time period, say this time period as many billions of years and follows certain rules. The Cp, Cf and Cs exist in trinity form with any one expressing alone or in combination. Thus it can be said as Cpfs or simply C.As on the same C the dimension enhancing and reduction takes place as in the present world or rule of region, the one which enhances the dimension and adds flexibility to Cpfs is G-Cpfs, whose -ve counterpart is Gh-Cpfs, both exist in like two sides of a single coin. Thus when G or Gh exist in C or Cpfs, it can be called as G-Cpfs or Gh-Cpfs. Say G and Gh exist in a flexible or reversible manner and adds G is for construction of C and Gh for neutralization of C, but exist in a flexible manner, may or may not add flexibility to C. Simply everything is possible on C using G and Gh. Another one say D-Cpfs also exist, it can cause only losses to C, a dimension reducer and when it acts C or Cpfs is called D-Cpfs, it creates chaos or distraction of C, that's why losses in the rule of region. If you see this world (rule of region), here the particles and fundamental forces (materials) are in definite fixed states unless other dimensions like that of temperature is applied or time exists. This means they are for long times almost in the same state without having flexibility to change their states automatically as human wishes. G-Cpfs and Gh-Cpfs in each C went to sleep mode and the D-Cpfs occupied the C in the rule of region to form this region. D- Cpfs acts opposite to G-Cpfs and Gh-Cpfs reducing the flexibility or reversibility of C, introducing irreversible or forward time, breaking the reversible time. Thus, say D-Cpfs makes the material to be almost fixed state for long time. If one can escape from this time trap, then we can become flexible, but conditions apply (Beautiful Heart from author's experience). In order to loss this time trap, we have to loss our particles and fundamental forces (human body).

In one sense, the dimension time is not exist for perfect system as in perfect state one can travel in past, present and future without any losses or say reversible time exists. Only for irreversible system or for lower dimensional states with losses (present world) time exists. Thus, the perfect system dimensions somewhat matches with author's dimensions. Say this dimensions matches in soul level, which is considered primary among particles, fundamental forces and soul. This is like environment adjusting to people or people controlling the environment; here the people adjusting happen mostly. As soul only moves particles and fundamental forces, it can be said as primary. The thought can be said to be associated with soul as a higher-level dimension among human compared to animals, birds etc.

In the balanced state or entropy less state, differences are not possible and if there is no entropy, this world will not exist. Thus, this may make the perfect system without loss or one without entropy as a handicapped one. Thus, it can be said reversible entropy should exist for a perfect system. Thus a perfect system means a reversible one with differences and thus in this system even changes can be felt and ultimately as a function of thought the dimensions of soul or particles or fundamental forces should be controlled.

Even for us, this universe or world may not be a perfect system and for HDS it is still a perfect system considering no or reversible time and reversibility. Thus each C is capable of expressing all dimensions and even each particle and fundamental forces capable of disappearing from the perfect system assumption (this supports steady state system). As per the scientist, the creation (Big bang with expansion of universe) and disappearance (black holes) happens with lump sum of masses. We say for perfect system all possible. Actually seeing, the steady state (each C disappearing) not happening in the present universe (but it should be possible for perfect system), rather from the common limited rule, the black holes and expansion happens with lump sum of masses, we have to adjust for not falling outside rule of region (actually for perfect system environment adjusting should also be possible), thus the rule of region has a purpose in creation.

Rules and Justice of the perfect system

In order the perfect system not to be handicapped, there should always a justice be maintained. Here we see the perfect system maintains rules in this world to fulfill the purpose of creation. We humans are in the experimental phase to receive the power from higher dimensional states; this point only will be the solution to sins happening against good souls, thus justice of perfect system will be maintained. The main thing in this world we see is our memories generated based on by visualization or through senses and its ability to achieve. Here our ability is handicapped, that is, we are not able to achieve easily. We have to sweat and achieve it taking time, not able to achieve as soon as we think. In the process of achieving what we think, we should not hurt others or damage surroundings. This is the basic rule. We are given with the senses not to damage others. If one has not given the senses by birth, then the perfect system may have separate rules for such people or groups, otherwise, it is handicapped. Thus, those who are with senses should take steps very carefully in not breaking rules (maintaining justice) of a perfect system.

Here we see souls are seeded in particles and fundamental forces and given the freedom to think (memory generation) and act on any direction what memory thinks. The direction can be divided into positive (yields goods or makes path towards perfect system) and negative (breaks the rules of perfect system producing injustice and should block the ways to perfect system). The seeded memories are harvested. The output is the production of memory with knowing +ve and – ves of HDS, and thereby, to manage the particles, fundamental forces, and souls independently. There should be a punishment for negative actions or directions, otherwise justice for affected souls will not be maintained. Thinking (a soul level dimension) given is a kind of freedom given to each soul, which is a biggest gift to human beings, and then the rules are the particles and fundamental forces given to us, and our surroundings, in this world or universe. What we have not seen or sensed we are not able to confirm. Our thinking is a conserved one as far as higher dimensional states are concerned. This discussion is beyond the scope of this paper. Based on the thinking we have to carefully drive our body (particles, fundamental forces and soul), otherwise loss will occur. Our thinking is very important, which is being the main reason for movement in a particular direction. Based on what we see or sense our soul thinks. After soul relieve from the body, the senses would be lost in order further to generate memories of this world. If it generate more means, it might possible based on what it sensed earlier in this world, but the point is achieving what it thinks. It might not possible, as the dead soul cannot merge again with a dead body. Simply the link with this world goes off. This discussion is beyond the scope of this paper though we have assumed something to attain a completion.

Whatever the experience the soul gets in this world should be used for next level after death, and then the purpose of creation is meaningful. A memory with soul is the output of this world or universe. Each soul has freedom in thinking and achieving or not achieving what we think lies based on being promoted and demoted respectively. Simply say there would be no memory slippage in perfect system.

The humans even attached to higher dimensional states, from the experience gained on this world (that is, to know good and evil and to stand independently) should stay this life to be meaningful. Knowing good and evil will make us to control C our self with adding flavor from – ve to +ve limits. This is controlling our self. Another perfect system example is like one, where environment adjust to our needs. This may happens to +ve souls which die as kids or poor or lost etc, not as managers, thus the dignity of HDS or perfect system maintained. There might be link or exchange in both environmental controlling and control by ourselves. Thus each good souls will become individual small perfect systems, say as individual universes. We may have to go different levels still after this world or universe. This is like each family constructing homes with control of prime factors without sweat or perfect system adjusts for us. The thinking power or memories in this world are because of soul. Thus, when the soul leaves this world or universe, memories or experiences gained in thinking are carried with us. Depending on how we followed the rules, we will be attached to a perfect system or imperfect system. In perfect system what we think (based on memory or experience generated in this world) will be achieved. Thus the experience of this world will be used (no time waste or perfect system handicapped or purpose of creation is meaningful). There might be different levels based on individual persons and the HDS or perfect system might have different measures for judgment and putting each soul in its right level to have control on prime factors. Simply anything is possible by HDS, that is if one dies of accident early or by disease not gaining enough experience, HDS might have different plans and anything possible by it.


Thus, a steady perfect system for this universe and beyond to be perfect, is explained theoretically. The reason why this universe trying to be perfect system is explained based on the purpose of creation. The imaginary perfect system has been explained based on how this universe and beyond should be from the humans perspective assuming very fundamental unit concept and it is distributed across universes. The fact that D-Cpfs in each C blocks the dimensions causes irreversibility. If it is eliminated from each C, then this universe will become flexible with reversibility. How the sufferings people getting in this world will be maintained, is also given by assuming perfect system. This is the condition this universe to be perfect. As soul only leaves after this world, in order to attain perfection, our soul level dimensions only should be superior, that is, without breaking the rules, we have to follow life journey. Let us name this perfect system model of the as Ghis-Felix-Alex model of the universe or simply ‘A perfect system model’. More ideas can be developed from this model, which is the scope of other parts of this paper. Future work includes developing equations and relations for this perfect system models and also for the present universe based on the assumptions in this paper or fusion of this concept with the existing system. This is a challenge.


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