International Journal of Biotechnology and Recent Advances

ISSN: 2639-4529

European Microbiology Research Conference
December 3-4, 2018 Valencia, Spain

Recent Advances in Diet and Microbiota

Amparo Gamero Lluna

University of Valencia, Spain

DOI: 10.18689/2639-4529.a1.007

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The human gastrointestinal tract is sterile during gestation and it is colonized in the moment of birth. Microbiota composition is conditioned by the type of birth (vaginal or cesarean), as well as for the diet. From birth until the 3 to 5 years of life, the microbiota diversity increases until adulthood, where it is more stable. However, diet, life style, gastrointestinal infections, antibiotic treatments, surgery, etc. can affect microbiota composition. The microorganisms of the gastrointestinal tract interact with immunity system, synthesize vitamins, decrease blood levels of cholesterol, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal infections and even affect our behavior. Many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, intestinal inflammatory diseases or even neurological problems could be the consequence of a situation of intestinal dysbiosis. Diet has a major role in modulate microbiota composition. Changes in diet patterns involve the 57% of the microbiota changes. Recent investigations points out that following adequate diet patterns can mitigate certain chronic diseases and increase life quality. The different nutrients and diet components determine enormously the genera and species of microorganisms present in our microbiota and thus our health status.

Dr. Amparo Gamero Lluna works as Assistant Professor at the University of Valencia. She holds a European PhD in Food Science & Technology since 2011. She has worked and carried out stays at different research institutes, universities and companies of different European countries, such as Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. Her main research topic focused in the study of aroma production during food fermentations. She has several SCI papers and contributions to international conferencesin this topic.