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ISSN: 2638-1958


Psychological Impacts and Treatment of HIV/AIDS among Nigerian Women: New Perspective toward Cultural Implications and Gender Equality

Published On: February 15, 2019 | Pages: 50 - 59

Author(s): Abiola Ruth Adimula and Ignatius Nnamdi Ijere

Single-Tablet Regimen containing Elvitegravir in an HIV-2 Infected Patient

Published On: March 8, 2019 | Pages: 60 - 61

Author(s): Ricardo Correia de Abreu, Duarte F and Neves I

“The Medication always Reminds Me”. Living with Perinatal acquired HIV-Children and Parents’ View Points

Published On: March 14, 2019 | Pages: 62 - 68

Author(s): Lise-Lott Rydström, Lars E Eriksson and Anita Berlin

HIV Stigma among Women and Adolescent Girls in South Africa: Removing Barriers to Facilitate Prevention

Published On: May 28, 2019 | Pages: 69 - 74

Author(s): Elizabeth Armstrong-Mensah, Pamela Hernandez, Madina Huka, Angie Suarez, Adeola Akosile, Ann Joseph, and Kim Ramsey-White