Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Early Online

Assessment of Heavy Metals in Effluent Water Discharges from Textile Industry and River Water at Close Proximity: A Comparison of Two Textile Industries from Funtua and Zaria, North Western Nigeria

Published On: January 3, 2019 | Pages: 1-6

Author(s): Oluwaseun E Odipe, Raimi Morufu Olalekan and Faisal Suleiman

Innovative Slope Stability and Displacement Analyses

Published On: January 3, 2019 | Pages: 7-13

Author(s): Ching-Chuan Huang

Conservation Tillage and Organic Matter management on Soil Structure

Published On: January 3, 2019 | Pages: 14-18

Author(s): Abdul Aziz Khalid, Henry Oppong Tuffour, Awudu Abubakariand and Samuel Novor

The Evolution of Agri-Tourism practices in India: Some Success Stories

Published On: January 23, 2019 | Pages: 19-25

Author(s): Soumi Chatterjee, M V Durga Prasad