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Editor Name: Zita Seres

Designation: Associate Professor

University: University of Novi Sad

Country: Serbia

Biography: Zita Šereš graduated at the Faculty of Technology, University of Novi Sad in 1996. She defended her PhD thesis in 2008. The experimental part of her master and PhD thesis she carried on at Corvinus University in Budapest. Vocation of associate professor she gain in 2014 for scientific field Food Engineering. At TFUNS she is a lecturer at undergraduate, master and doctoral studies for following subjects: Sugar Technology, Environmental protection in food industry, Quality control in  carbohydrate food technologies and Waste products in carbohydrate food technologies. Also she is engaged as researcher in scientific research work and has scientific expertise cooperation with sugar, starch and bakery industries. Her research experience include functional food formulation (bakery and confectionary products), valorization of waste from food industry, membrane separation in food industry, modification of sugar beet pulp as carriers of antioxidants in food and pharmaceutical industry. Zita Šereš is author of a book about membrane separation in food technology, and co-author of 8 books, published over 40 peer reviewed scientific papers in fields of food and chemistry engineering in national and international journals. She is member of editorial board of scientific journal, and serves as reviewer of few international scientific journals. Since 1996 she took part in thirteen scientific projects, 11 national and 2 international. During 2013/2014, IPA project “Cross-border network for knowledge transfer and innovative development in wastewater treatment” was carried out under her leadership. At this time she is active participant in project financed by AP Vojvodina under name “Fine bakery products with functional characteristics intended for costumers with special needs in diet” and project financed by Serbian Ministry of Education and Science named “Development of new functional confectionary products based on oilseed” as well as on project “Purification of sugar industry wastewater with modern separation techniques”.

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