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Editor Name: Zakwan Skaf

Designation: Assistant Professor

University: University of Cranfield

Country: United Kingdom


Dr. Zakwan Skaf is a Lecturer in Diagnostics and Prognostics
Integrated Vehicle Health Management Centre (IVHM), School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing (SATM) , University of Cranfield, UK
Module Leader of the Diagnostics and Prognostics module in Through-life Engineering Services (TLSS) MSc course.
Course Director of the Systems Modelling and Experimental Techniques for Condition Monitoring Short Course.
Course Director of the Asset Management: Coupling Business and Technology Short Course.
Course Director of the IVHM Short Course.
Lab Manager and Nominated Safety Manager of the IVHM Lab.
Lecturing on signal processing, machine learning in the Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control MSc course.
Lecturing on IVHM Design module in Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) MSc course.
Work on prognostics and health management (PHM) for the Landing Gear System project.
Project manager of the Clean Sky 2- AIRMES project (a four-year European project, running until 2019, which has received €5.2 million total funding (more than €500,000 to Cranfield University).
Work on delivering the Intelligent Excavation project which is an industrial project sponsored by the Highways England.
Supervise Ph.D. and MSc students. Currently, I am supervising 10 PhD students and 6 MSc students.

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